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All of us are exposed to many levels of toxicity - from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat (even when it is healthy) and by bodily wastes that are not expelled properly. That is the reason that the Chinese and Indian traditional medicines recommend a cleanse at least once a year for the healthy and the sick.

The benefits of a balanced detox:

- Enhanced vitality and renewed levels of energy.
- Loss of excess weight occurs easily by boosting the metabolism at the cellular level.
- Cleanses the colon and the digestive tracks.
- Expels toxins such as food additives, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, and bodily wastes.
- A joyful radiant luminosity of spirit - feel ten years younger!
- Improves the natural glow and elasticity of the skin.
- Alkalizes the body.
- Balances blood pressure.
- Improves mental functions - clarity of mind!
- Promotes lightness and happiness.
- Supports spiritual practice.
- Establishes awareness of food sensitivities.
- Increases bone density.
- Strengthens the whole body, in general - especially the immune and digestive system.
- Promotes independence from addiction to sugar, caffeine, alcohol or drugs.
- Reduces joint pain.
- Relieves allergies.
- Relieves PMS symptoms.
- Reduces chronic fatigue.
- Cleanses and boosts the liver and purifies the blood.
- Creates an uncomfortable environment for Candida, worms and other parasites to thrive in.
- Gives high quality nourishment to the tissues with minimal digestive effort.
- Consumption of large amounts of antioxidants reduces chance of cancer.
- Balances blood sugar levels, great for a diabetic condition.
- Helps to alleviate constipation.
- Reduces autoimmune diseases.
- Improves the sharpness of all of the sense organs.
- Rise and shine freshly to another beautiful day!