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The Program

Welcome to the Radiance Detox Program!

What it includes:

- 9 day detox program that doesn't require going away.
- Evaluation with an ayurvedic practitioner to determine the perfect cleanse for you.
- Fresh organic wheat grass juice from our green house.
- 3 meals a day consisting of organic, alkaline healing food prepared with love by the principles of ayurveda and raw food, to be picked up or delivered to you every morning.
- Vitalized, alkaline organic green juices.
- Lectures about detoxification and ayurveda.
- Knowledge about the qualities of spices, as well as ayurvedic tips on how to make green medicines in your own kitchen.
- Being a part of an aware community and a small group that will support your detox process.
- Ancient yogic and ayurvedic cleansing techniques to clean your body, mind and spirit.
- An active health food preparation class.
- Home detox kit.
- 24/7 support availability.

Before the beginning of the program, you will have a detailed session with an ayurvedic practitioner that will evaluate your constitution and your current imbalance in order to create the optimal program for you. The program will be over two weekends and will include the theoretical part of the program: lectures that will give you tools to intensify the cleanse and to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Knowledge about ayurveda will be introduced that will help you to maintain a healthy state of being.

Only the first lecture is required, all the rest (including a food preparation class) are warmly recommended.

Every morning for ten days, we will meet at the magical house of Jo and Udi, an island of tranquility in Venice, California, for a shot of fresh wheat grass juice, followed by breakfast. Depending upon your tailored program, your food for the rest of the day will be taken away by you or delivered.

In the middle of the program, we will have a special dinner followed by sharing of experiences.