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9-Day Detox Program Schedule & Rates:

At the moment we are relocating in magical Kauai and I am offering private detox programs. Please leave a message in the "Contact" section of this website and I will be happy to help you reaching your radiant health!


9-Day Program Schedule
Every morning starting Saturday through the following Sunday (9 days) the food and juices will be ready to pick up by 7am or delivered to you by 8am.

In addition, the following program is highly recommended but only the first talk is required:

   6:00 (pm) Light Dinner
   7:00 Introduction Circle
   8:00 Introduction To Detox

   8:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
   9:00  Introduction To Ayurveda
 10:30  Home Detox Kit Talk and Hot Tub Instructions
 11:30  Break
 12:00  Lunch

  7:15 (pm) Dinner Followed by Sharing Experiences
         ...and something sweet!

   8:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
   9:00  Qualities of Different Spices
   9:45  Break
 10:00  Ayurvedic Diet Principles, Weight loss and Pancha Karma
 11:00  Break
 11:15  Homemade Green Medicines Talk
 12:00  Lunch

   8:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
   9:00  Sprouts Growing Class
 10:00  Dynamic Health Food Prep Workshop
 12:30  Happy Lunch
   2:00  Transition and Ayurvedic Anti Aging
   3:00  Closing Circle

With blessings for your radiant health. May you reach your highest potential in your expression of happy, joyful and abundant living.

Thank you!