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Testimonials on YouTube 


"I had the blessing of sharing in Udi's wisdom as I was experiencing extreme digestive discomfort over the summer, having issues with bloating and how to eat a healthy diet for my body. Udi sat with me for over two hours and really got to know me emotionally and physically, the connection we created opened a channel of trust which means the world to me for a health guide to develop that trust. Through his guidance I was able to develop a greater understanding with my body, and begin the healing process that led to a now, healthy digestion and also a greater awareness of my physical health, and for that I am forever grateful, thank you Udi and many blessings always!"

Nicole Ravin
Denver, Colorado

"Eating and drinking the delicate concoctional medicines that are created by the chef at Radiance Detox has been a rare treat. The precision and care he puts into creating his foods and drinks is obvious when watching him prepare them. I have had the pleasure of being near the kitchen to witness this, and then the delicious delight of drinking the shakes, the drinks, and the foods. I would wish this upon everyone! He is to be trusted through and through."

Joni Dee
Los Angeles, California

"The ayurvedic session with Udi completed a gap in my understanding and direction with my ayurvedic rhythm, after retuning on a trip from India. Udi provided a fulfilling one on one experience for me to utilize in order to balance myself. I found his well studied and soulful knowledge warm my spirit with his soothing energy. I look forward to working on myself in order to return for further guidance."

Andrew Nehra
Chicago, Illinois

"After completing the detox program, I was convinced about their efficacy. Although it took will-power and some sacrifice, it is one of the best programs I have ever taken on."

Detroit Zen Centre

"After Udi's session I had a better idea of what my body needed to stay in balance. He gave me simple easy practices, like putting oil on my hands and feet, to help keep me grounded. We discussed my earth, water, air and fire and what kind of nourishment each needed to stay in harmony. Udi helped me find a sense of well being through cleansing and paying attention."

Carol Ann
Portland, Oregon